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I.B. Program

The International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Diploma Program is a rigorous two-year course of study in seven areas. It also requires an extended essay and 150 hours of Creativity, Action and Service. It is an honors program with an international focus and international recognition by colleges and universities.

I.B. Courses at Carroll

* Biology

* Chemistry

* English              

* French

* History (Americas focus)

* Information Technology in a Global Society

* Latin

* Mathematics

*  Math Studies

* Music

* Spanish                            

* Visual Art                         



I.B. students at Archbishop Carroll:

* Engage in sophisticated, challenging courses that balance breadth and depth while looking at real-

world applications of academic skills

* Are often recruited by colleges who recognize the strong preparation I.B. provides students

* Experience an international and social justice focus in all courses

* May receive college credit for work they complete in high school


Student Traits 

Successful I.B. students are hard-working, self-motivated, persistent, analytical, curious, humble and kind. More information can be found in the I.B. Learner Profile at ibo.org.


I.B. at Carroll

A few traits make this program, offered at a growing number of U.S. schools, distinctive at Carroll:

* Students can pursue either the full I.B. Diploma or I.B. credit in individual subjects

* I.B. classes tend to be small, and I.B. students receive additional academic counseling

* Students participate in exchanges with I.B. students in Costa Rica and France


I.B. and Advanced Placement

I.B. exams, like Advanced Placement exams, can allow students to get college credit for high school work. There are a few differences:

* I.B. is a program of multiple classes, CAS and the extended essay; A.P. can be a single class

* I.B. tests are criterion referenced, while A.P. tests are graded relative to other test


* A.P. tests contain multiple choice questions; most I.B. tests do not. I.B. also includes

multiple kinds of assessments, such as projects and essays, rather than just tests

* I.B. is more focused on college preparation; A.P. is more focused on college credit

* Carroll students can take A.P. tests in addition to I.B. tests if they wish


Application and Preparation

While in 9th grade, students apply for preparatory 10th grade honors coursework, and they re-apply for the I.B. program itself while in 10th grade. Students are chosen for prep work and the program itself based on demonstrated academic achievement as well as demonstration of the I.B. Learner Profile student traits.



The total cost of I.B. examinations is around $680. Some financial support is available for families who need it.